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SCRIP is a fundraising partnership between retailers and non-profits like Lowell PTA. Participating retailers sell gift cards to Lowell PTA at a discount. Families like yours buy and redeem the gift cards for full face value and Lowell PTA keeps the difference as income. SCRIP cards look just like gift cards or certificates you would buy yourself from vendors like Haggen, Fred Meyer, Food Co-op, Woods Coffee or Pizzazza. The difference is the retailer makes a donation between 5-20% (depending on the retailer) for every gift card purchased through the SCRIP program. If you already shop at these local merchants, using SCRIP cards will help Lowell earn the income we need to support our kids!! Last year we raised over $5,000.00 for PTA sponsored activities such as field trips, Pacific Science Center van, assemblies, and special art projects just to name a few benefits.

How do I place an order?

There are five easy ways to place an order: 

1) If you will be paying by cash or check, complete the online order form at the bottom of this page and send cash or a check made out to Lowell PTA for the full amount of your order in an envelope marked PTA - Scrip. You can either send payment via your child's folder or turn it in directly to the office.

2) If you will be paying online, visit our online Marketplace. When you pay online with a credit card, we add a 3% fee to cover the cost of accepting credit card payment.

3) Now you have even more choices with SHOP WITH SCRIP! Log onto and fill out the "family sign up". Be sure to use Lowell's special enrollment code so all purchases will benefit our school. Our enrollment code is: BL5CL74A29957. You will have access to hundreds of retailers!

How do I get my gift cards?
The gift cards can be sent home with your child in their take home folder. All gift cards will be sealed in a bright envelope and delivered to your child’s classroom for take home. Cards will be delivered approximately two weeks after your order is placed. If you would like to pick up the cards instead, email us to make other arrangements. 

Contact the committee chairs for more information or to volunteer.

What is it?
The term "scrip" has evolved to include a fundraising method popular with non-profit organizations like schools, bands and athletic groups. With scrip fundraising, retailers offer the gift certificates and gift cards to non-profit organizations at a discount. The non-profit organizations sell the gift cards to member families at full face value. The families redeem the gift cards at full face value, and the discount or rebate is retained by the non-profit organization as revenue. Scrip cards look just like the gift cards you would buy at the store yourself. Last year SCRIP proceeds funded several PTA-sponsored activities such as field trips and assemblies.

Order deadlines:
Send in your order form or drop it off in the office.

Your cards will be delivered approximately two weeks after your order is placed.

Thank you!
Lowell Elementary School PTA Scrip Committee