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Theater Schmeater

Theatre Schmeater: Improvisation! Creative Dramatics! Original Musical Song & Dance!
Bringing to life such characters as "Sir Flapdoodle Knee-knocker," "Um, the Alien," and "Prince Alarming" Bellingham Children's Theatre is excited to offer comprehensive imaginative theatre training to Lowell on Wednesdays from 1:20 - 3:00. An initial 12-week "sampler class" will have students jumping feet-first into hilarious improvisational games, flip-flopped fairytales, creative story-telling and dramatic solving of mysteries, as well as learning songs and dances from many of BCT's original wacky musicals. BCT engages every student allowing each to shine while also emphasizing group collaboration. Children's imaginations and their ownership of the creative process is paramount; learning the fundamentals of acting, voice, body movement and dance are at the heart of BCT's educational outreach.

Teachers in rotation (four-week sessions):

Funny Flip-flopped Fairytales! Improvisation & Theatre Games: Drue Robinson founded BCT in 1994. She holds an MFA in Acting from Columbia University, and has over 25 years of experience teaching/directing theatre locally, regionally, and internationally. She has won the Mayor's Arts Award, Whatcom Community Foundation Grants, and the Seattle International Fringe Festival's People's Choice Award. Drue is also a published playwright and member of Dramatists Guild of America.

BCT's Wonderfully Wacky Musicals: Angie Mills-Watson began her acting career in elementary school with Bellingham Children's Theatre, and went on to pursue a BFA in theatre at Cornish Institute in Seattle. She has acted locally with Viewpoints Theatre Ensemble, the Bellingham Theatre Guild, and the Queen Julianna Theatre, as well as taught, directed, and toured with the Missoula Children's Theatre. Angie is happy to return to offer her talents as a lead teacher for BCT.

Mysteries, Marvels, & More! Creative Dramatics: Jessika Houston has been dancing since the age of four, holds a BFA in theatre from Cornish Institute, and has taught theatre many places locally in Bellingham, regionally at Seattle Children's Theatre, and internationally in Tibet. She has acted with iDiom Theatre, the Bellingham Theatre Guild, Viewpoints Theatre Ensemble, and more. Jessika is excited to be a lead teacher for BCT and to bring out every kid's creative genius! 

Contact the VP of Enrichment for more information.